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Caring About The Health of Black Women is

More than just a trend!

I am a health disparities researcher, social epidemiologist and General Internal Medicine physician specializing in the care of women with chronic medical conditions. I have advanced training in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Science and currently practice at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. 

I am committed to improving social justice and health equity. I work to disrupt racism in medicine with a particular focus on the Black Maternal health crisis. My mission is to advance reproductive health equity and improve Black women's health through compassion, respect, and love. 

"I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own." 

- Audre Lorde

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"In all this talk of equity, we forget the point. Black people absolutely deserve equity but more than that we deserve love. That is the bar. Anything less belies the dignity and value of Black lives" 

- Dr. Rhea Boyd


Love is the bar

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Love is the bar...

It is the bar for how I treat my patients, how I approach my research, and how I engage with communities. It is how I give and hope to receive both critique and praise. 

Love is the source...

It is the source of my belief in the healing power of sisterhood, that we must not leave our sisters behind.. 

Love calls us to...

 It calls us to believe that grace and respect belong to everyone — that all people are deserving of the opportunity to live abundantly full and healthy lives. 

"We who believe in freedom in cannot rest" 

- Ella Baker

I'm a passionate advocate. Get to know what matters most to me

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